How to create an account to contribute to our class website.

1) Check your email, get your invitation.

2) Log in using your WordPress.com account. Don’t have one? You can set one up in seconds with just your email.
3) Inside the MetroReport dashboard, go to Users. Find your name and click Edit.
4) Under “Display Name Publicly As,” put your first and last name. This will be your byline.
5) Fill in your bio, social media contacts, and other information as you see fit, and press the blue Update Profile button.

You’re ready to begin working on MetroReport!

When I send you back your final version of each story, check to be sure that you’ve made any revisions or corrections that need to be made. Then copy and paste the story into Text Edit on a Mac or Notebook on a PC, and make sure it’s in plain text.

Then go to Posts, add new, and copy and paste your story into a post, which is what WP calls stories. Add a working headline. Add two to five links as needed. Click on 2013 in the right rail under categories and add any categories that would be good to have to make searches easier.

Then click on “save draft.” Don’t publish yet, please. I’ll look behind you one more time before we publish anything.

If you are submitting a story to the Eagle, American magazine or any other publication, such as the Northwest Current, don’t upload your story yet. The key to freelance work at this point is offer the outside publication something unique that has not been published elsewhere.

But in the meantime, you can say you are reporting for a website called MetroReport, and offer to send a link to your story after it’s live, if you like.


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