An enchanting evening with Savoir Adore


Savoir Adore opens the door to their world in the secret corridors of DC9.

A few hours before their set at DC9, I had the chance to catch up with Savoir Adore, an indie dream pop duo from Brooklyn, N.Y. Behind closed doors, Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro sat back, relaxed and opened up in the green room about their most recent album release, “Our Nature,” and the origins of their band.

In 2006, Hammer and Muro met as solo artists at a songwriting club at New York University. Performing at open mic nights together turned the two from students to close friends, and their relationship bloomed into something much more.

“We loved electronic music, ambient music, and we shared a lot of the same interests in other stuff, and we were like, ‘Well, what if we both wanted to sort of break out of the restrictions of singer-songwriter world?’ Not that we didn’t enjoy it, we wanted to expand on it,” said Hammer.

From there, “The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and The Girl With Animals In Her Throat” EP was born, a record label signed them and the rest is history.

The name Savoir Adore was a spontaneous slip of the tongue, but it’s come to mean more to the band over time, though Muro is quick to point out that they’re aware of its grammatical incorrectness.

This past March, Savoir Adore released its second album, “Our Nature.” Hammer and Muro spent four years working on the record, piecing together tracks and verses at their leisure as they came to them. The vision behind the album connects with their previous work, “In The Wooded Forest.”

“A big part of that was with ‘In The Wooded Forest,’ we still had this grand exploration of this world we’d created in the EP. It was all very fantasy based, different characters, different little worlds, a lot of supernatural stuff. With “’Our Nature,’ we sort of wanted to find a fun way to bridge all of that fantasy, nature stuff with a little bit more of an emotional edge to it. We kind of felt like zooming in on a relationship in a way, and it ended up being a relationship between a monster and a girl,” said Hammer.

Complete with a total of five members for the show, Savoir Adore performed a pleasant combination of new tunes from “Our Nature” and old tracks off “In The Wooded Forest.” The band kicked off its set with “Beating Hearts,” followed by punching rock songs like “Bodies” and “MERP.”

Though the dreamy “Regalia” was nestled in between the two, the full-band effect made the song hit harder with strong energy that radiated from the stage and sent everyone into another dimension. The harmonization of Muro and Hammer’s voices was completely hypnotizing. As Hammer said, the music invites listeners to “give in to your imagination, don’t worry about it, we’re going to take you on a journey.”

Hammer’s personal favorite, “Sea of Gold” had the audience swaying intensely. Though it’s more of a slow jam, “At the Same Time,” mellowed out the mood without killing the overall vibe. Of course, “Dreamers” and “Loveliest Creature” were the biggest crowd pleasers and stimulated everyone into a happy frenzy.

“It’s pretty amazing to see people sing along which is a new thing for us in the last year,” said Hammer.


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