Voter connects his vote to his church

Students fanned out across Northern Virginia to report on voters’ impressions and predictions on election day, Nov. 5. This is one of several reports.

Tony Kazaklis, 65, stood outside of  Braddock Elementary School, in Annandale, Va., on election day handing out red Republican ballots with particular fervor, propelled, he said, by a unique moral perspective.

Kazaklis came to the United States in 1993 from Greece 20 years ago, and in an act of desperation to save his marriage, he said he brought his wife to a church. He said he  was moved by the story of grace that introduced him to a relationship with Jesus that he says changed his life. “We’re Jesus-freaks,” he says to describe his current church.

Kazaklis says he exchanged the pomp and ceremony of Greek Orthodoxy for a simpler,  more personal religion, where he feels like he actually has a connection to God. Kazaklis points to a simple silver cross on a leather chain almost hidden beneath his jacket, where before would have hung an ornate gold crucifix.

“I always wore the cross, but I wear it for a different reason now,” Kazaklis states, re

His political affiliation has been informed by his religious convictions ever since, as Kazaklis takes a particularly strong stance against the pro-choice platform advocated by the Democrat candidate, Terry McAuliffe.

“They [Democrats] give the baby a name to make you think it’s not human…they call it a ‘fetus.'”

He says he’s come a long way from his communist-like roots back in Greece, where political affiliations run-deep, often based on tradition and culture.

“My brother barely talks to me; I couldn’t begin to tell you the names he’s called me…Sometimes politics is based on more than just an ideology.”


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